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Our Story

Our Story

Thompson Thompson Egbo-Egbo, his name is as unique as his journey. Moving to Canada from Nigeria when he was 4 he started playing the piano at the age of 6. His aptitude and affection for the piano would come almost immediately and has stayed with him forever.

Growing up in subsidized government development area of Toronto, Egbo-Egbo is awed by the fact a group of people thought enough of the residences to build a musical school so that the children of the neighborhood could enjoy the luxury of music lessons, and at fee that was affordable to them. This inspiration has made him compassionate to the arts and its importance in the lives of children and society. It also led him to found the Thompson T. Egbo-Egbo Arts Foundation in hopes that children of all social and economic circumstances can experience the benefits of music.

Egbo-Egbo has involvement in music has seen many opportunities come his way. He has been called upon to play in the presence of many dignitaries, who include H.R.H Prince Charles, H.R.H. Prince Edward, and H.R.H. Prince Phillip. In addition has performed for Quincy Jones. In 2007 the Canadian Songwriters hall of fame asked him to produce a medley tribute to their inductees, who included Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Oscar Peterson, Joni Mitchell and many other many of whom the Event.

Egbo-Egbo’s musical Journey has taken him from playing the tuba with the Hannaford Street Youth band across Canada to Performing on Stage at the Hackney Empire theatre in east end London with the Canadian production “Da Kink In My Hair”. To touring with Canadian R&B sensation Ayah and recording and performing with afro-punk artist Siadah Baba Talibah.

After Egbo-Egbo’s secondary schooling he found himself studying Jazz Performance at Humber College in Toronto, all the while working as a musician throughout school. Upon graduating he continued to work as musician in Toronto and has recently enrolled to continue his studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, which is where you will find him now.

Thompson Egbo-Egbo decided to give back to the community, which helped him achieve his goals, and created The Egbo Arts Foundation to show kids that they can achieve more.